found this important sign today

Alexa. New York. February. 2014.

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i just want us to talk again2014


oh it’s never enough!

oh it’s always too much!


and i would like to remind people yet again, the ones who are rioting and assaulting and burning the flag and stabbing people??

they are the people who won the vote. they are the winners. they’re the ones who wanted them to stay with britain. 

they won and they’re still attacking people and burning the scottish flag and brandishing the union jack and making nazi salutes. this is literally nothing but massive insult to injury.


Jim BonzoCold Night, Athens, 2008


We’ve got mixtapes and we’ve got heartache, we’ve got memories we haven’t made yet. We’ve got nights under covers under stars, and we’ve got days that we never want to end. And I promise we will miss all of this someday. And I promise we will miss these days.

And I will always be there to hold you up, and I will always forgive you when we fight, and after all this time I have learned that all those wishes lead to was bad decisions and failure. But you are the one thing that I got right.